Well, on Friday April 13, it was that time of year when, once again, we were privileged to witness what has definitely become one of the entertainment highlights of the MGP school year – the Gypri League football finals. It has always presented an excellent opportunity for all in attendance to have some fun and let off steam, to say nothing of missing a few lessons of course! And, as expected, this years event lived up to all expectations and did not disappoint .
The crowd were in full voice throughout the proceedings ,and with good reason, as there was so much on show to cheer and admire, including silky footballing skills, crunching tackles, heroic goalkeeping antics and of course lots of pairs of hairy muscular footballer‘s legs (not the girls‘ though). Yes, there is no doubt about it, a good time was certainly had by all.
Ultimately though, the question was, who would contest the final? The answer came in the form of two teams, namely, Oktava and Septima. However , it has to be mentioned that their passage to the final was no easy ride as they faced strong opposition in the semifinals from Sexta and Second A who were gallantly led by their respective captains Žáček and Čejka.
The final itself turned out to be an exciting end-to-end affair from which Team Septima, comprising Z. Hanzlik, T. Orlik , R. Friedel, J. Purmenský, B. Pokorna and Pavel „Diego“ Maslonka, eventually emerged as deserved victors. However, they didn’t have everything their own way as the tenacious year – four team doggedly snapped at their heels for the duration of the match, keeping us all on our toes until the very end.
Well, that’s it for another year, but, as we all know, time flies and it won’t be long before we gather again for next year’s event, so we hope to see you all there. Just don’t forget, all the coolest people go to watch the Gypri League finals, so…


Written by – Mr. Tijan Njai

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